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Swimming Rules

Swimming Rules to Remember
While swimming is an enjoyable pastime and provides great exercise, being cautious and careful while doing it is always important. Whether in a backyard pool, spa, or hot tub, at a community pool or water park, or visiting a lake or ocean, following some common rules can protect the health and safety of everyone.

Water safety always involves a few basics that can enable you to enjoy any activity worry-free.

  1. Don’t swim alone.
  2. Follow directions from adults or lifeguards on duty, as well as the rules of the pool, home, or water park at which you’re swimming.
  3. Avoid running, pushing, and diving on a pool deck or near water.
  4. Learn the basics of swimming.
  5. Call for help if you are in trouble.

There are more extensive rules, depending on your situation, such as if young children are swimming or playing in water or if you’re swimming in the direct sunlight. For those specifics, check out these swimming safety tips from the American Red Cross so you can enjoy a safe swim season.

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