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National Water Safety Month partners thank every state representative across the nation who proclaims National Water Safety Month in May for his or her state. Each year, governors, mayors, and other state officials sign proclamations and letters of recognition to show their support.

Proclamations recognize the following:

  • The vital role swimming and aquatic-related activities play in maintaining good physical and mental health, as well as enhancing quality of life.
  • The crucial part water safety education plays in preventing drownings and recreational water-related injuries.
  • The recognition of ongoing efforts in educating the public on pool, hot tub, and spa safety issues and initiatives by the pool, spa, water park, recreation and parks industries.
  • The importance of communicating water safety rules and programs to families and individuals of all ages.

2024 National Water Safety Month Proclamations

These states and territories have taken an important step to support and recognize National Water Safety Month in May and water safety all year long.


How to Obtain a State Proclamation

Gaining recognition for a National Water Safety Month initiative or official event means obtaining a proclamation from your mayor or state government official. It also increases awareness of the importance of water safety in your state.

Here are some tips on how to successfully and smoothly obtain a state proclamation for National Water Safety Month.

  1. Identify the right person to manage the proclamation. Start early and assign this project to someone at least eight weeks in advance of an event.
  2. Look up the contact information (email address, website, phone number, etc.) for your local government official so you can request the proclamation. If you can’t find a specific source, try the public relations contact or office manager first.
  3. Share the significance of your related event or National Water Safety Month by itself and its impact on the people in your community.
  4. Ask questions. Does your state representative want you to draft a proclamation for them to sign or provide just copy for them to format in their specific template? Could you arrange a signing ceremony and invite local media or send out a press release and social media posts to announce the proclamation signing, if appropriate?
  5. Draft the proclamation copy (see 2024 state proclamations above). Address your state official in a cover letter emphasizing the reasons water safety is important and why you have the goal of increasing public awareness of National Water Safety Month. Ask for his/her help in signing the attached draft proclamation. Include brochures, statistics, or links to the National Water Safety Month website to provide as much background as possible. Mail or email your information to the appropriate state contact.
  6. After receiving the signed proclamation, send a thank-you letter to the person who helped you and make sure to send a copy to National Water Safety Month representatives so we can include it on our website.
  7. Arrange a signing ceremony if appropriate or send a press release announcing the signed proclamation so you can make local media aware of the importance of water safety and that National Water Safety Month is coming in May, as well as any other news or relevant information.
  8. Share the news on social media channels using the following hashtags: #BeWaterAware, #NWSM2024, #Learn2Swim, #DrowningIsPreventable
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