Promote Events Using Social Media

Dive Into Social Media to Promote National Water Safety Month
You can easily spread the word about National Water Safety Month (#NWSM2020) and the importance of water and swimming safety by engaging your social media followers. Remember to use the official hashtags for the month: #BeWaterAware, #NWSM2020, #Learn2Swim, #DrowningIsPreventable. Here are some other important social media best practices to help you seamlessly execute your National Water Safety Month campaign.

  1. Post consistently. Best practices say you should post to Facebook 1 to 2 times a day, Twitter 3 to 5 times a day, LinkedIn once daily. This can be challenging if you aren’t already regularly posting. Start with at least twice a week on Facebook and LinkedIn and once daily on Twitter
  2. Share photos and videos. Social Media Examiner research says visual optimize social media engagement. Pools, spas and hot tubs are a great backdrop or main attraction for many photos you can take and share
  3. Set up the event on Facebook or host a Twitter chat
  4. To optimize engagement rates, create a social media plan around National Water Safety Month, using specific content about water and swimming safety tips interspersed with your regular content to help spread the message to provide variety without overwhelming your followers with one message
  5. Here are some sample social media posts you can use during National Water Safety Month:
    1. #DrowningIsPreventable with the right #watersafety tips. Teach children #swimming skills early to ensure they #swimsafely. #NWSM2020 #Learn2Swim #BeWaterAware
    2. #Pools provide places for convenient, effective exercise such as lap swimming or even calisthenics. #Swimsafely during #NWSM2020! #Learn2Swim #DrowningIsPreventable
    3. A well-maintained pool is a safe pool! Practice #WaterSafety this month and every month with proper maintenance. #SwimSafely #NWSM2020 #Learn2Swim
    4. Has your #pool, #spa or #hottub been inspected by a licensed industry pro? They can make sure it’s working properly for #NWSM2020 and all year long! #SwimSafely #BeWaterAware
    5. Kids itching to get to the local #pool? Have them brush up on #swimsafety while they’re quarantined with free downloadable coloring pages and #watersafety pledges so they’re ready to go. and #NWSM2020 #BeWaterAware #Learn2Swim


How to Promote a Social Media Event in 9 Easy Steps:

One of the best ways to spread the buzz about an upcoming event is by using social media. With several platforms to leverage, you can get the word out to various segments of your audience where they live online.

Step 1: Choose your social networks
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube

Step 2: Choose your event hashtag
Come up with a hashtag that’s short, unique, and easy-to-understand.

Step 3: Set up the event
Set up the event on Facebook or host a Twitter chat.

Step 4: Craft your content
Tailor your content for each social network keeping in mind the different styles and audience on each platform.

Step 5:  Run a social media contest
Contests are the perfect way to motivate word-of-mouth promotion without a huge investment.

Step 6: Work with influencers
Build relationships with key people in the industry who can talk up your event and can help influence prospective attendees to register

Step 7: Launch paid social media ads
It is a pay-to-play work so you will increase your chances of having your posts seen by boosting their presence through ads.

Step 8: Use live video on event day
You don’t have to livestream your entire event to make a splash with live video.  You can use short, live clips from your event like behind the scene peeks or interviews with performers to engage viewers

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