Plan a Media Event

A media event can be a great way to get your message out to local press about the importance of water safety. Here are 7 steps to plan a successful media event:

  1. Choose and secure your venue date. Some ideas include the YMCA, library, town hall, or city or council building.
  2. Choose and secure a speaker who will attract the local media. Think politician, legislator, mayor, athlete, or local celebrity.
  3. Draft an invitee list. Some ideas include local organizations; pool operators; swim clubs; schools; camps; and pool, spa and hot tub professionals.
  4. Create a local media list and send invitations via emails, texts, and phone calls.
  5. Obtain sponsor funding.
  6. Order refreshments.
  7. Order and plan consumer giveaways.

These organizations represent business and other individuals and agencies involved in bringing safe, enjoyable aquatic activities to the American public, from home pools and spas, to waterparks and resorts, to public swimming and water recreation facilities

National Water Safety Month Participants:
  • Abbey's Hope
  • Association of Aquatic Professionals
  • CPRS
  • Float like a duck
  • ipssa
  • Master Pools Guild
  • Michael Phelps Foundation
  • NDPA
  • US Swim Schools
  • ZAC Foundation
Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Strategic Partners:
  • Fluidra
  • Hayward
  • Lou
  • Lyon Financial
  • MCC
  • Pentair
  • WatkinsWellness
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