Join a Twitter Chat

You can join an existing Twitter chat as a way to spread the message about water and swimming safety. Here are tips on how to do this.

  1. Look up existing Twitter chats. There are lists that exist online.
  2. Contact the host via a Twitter message and ask they if they would be willing to have you as a guest on one of their upcoming chats involving water or swimming safety or National Safety Month. Describe your expertise and interest in the topic and offer some suggestions for questions and resources you can share during the chat. For instance, @USNewsHealth hosts #HealthySummer Twitter chats every Monday at 2 p.m. ET that discuss how to have a healthy summer—from shedding weight to exercising in the heat. Ask to join the chat one week and discuss the #HealthySummer topic of water safety and safe swimming.
  3. Plan ahead for your chat. Have resource links, questions, and tips ready to share.
  4. Promote the chat in advance to your social media audience and other colleagues, members, and interested peers, asking them to join at the specific day and time and use the appropriate hashtags.
  5. Enjoy the chat! Don’t forget to let others share good information and ask questions. Prepare to fill in a slow conversation with some extra tips, infographics, links or questions. Also prepare to write down a list of extra questions that come in that you can’t get to during a very busy conversation. Commit to answering those questions on Twitter using the appropriate hashtags even after the chat is over to keep the dialogue about water safety going on social media. Remember to understand your audience: Follow the conversation to continue to engage them.
  6. Take notes. Twitter chats provide opportunities to build your own knowledge. Participants may introduce you to new resources or research you didn’t know existed.
  7. Thank people for attending the chat and remind people to #BeWaterAware.
  8. Obtain feedback post-chat. Use the hashtag and ask for feedback on how the chat went after it’s over. Did people learn more about water safety? Did they feel more educated about National Water Safety Month? Do they have additional topic suggestions that involve water safety?
  9. Remember to build important connections relevant to water and swimming safety. Twitter chats bring people from various backgrounds together, so you may connect with some additional influencers who can continue to help spread the importance of National Water Safety Month.  Tweet chats can also help you gain followers, so don’t be surprised to see your numbers elevate after a successful chat.
  10. Use National Water Safety Month hashtags: #BeWaterAware, #NWSM2020, #Learn2Swim, #DrowningIsPreventable
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